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Package 1

Maverick Stroller with toddler seat Includes: stroller with toddler seat, belly bar, raincover, car seat adapters, seat extension adapters and cup holder


The Maverick Stroller
A Modern Stoller For A Modern Parent
In today’s world, modern parenting requires modern products that help to make your life easier. Here at Venice Child, we’re proud to bring forth a new era of parenting products specifically designed to provide parents with simple, durable, and high-quality solutions that make their day to day lives less strenuous.

In this new line, we’re embracing quality, affordability, and functionality. If you’re interested in learning more about how you can embrace modern parenting products, then you’ve come to the right place.

Take a look down below to learn all about our latest product the Maverick Stroller.

A Modern Stroller
The Maverick has completely redesigned the traditional look of a child stroller. Reimagined from the ground-up, the Maverick is a comprehensive single to double stroller that easily converts from a single-child stroller to a double-child stroller with minimal effort.
Parenting is challenging enough as it is, so why make it harder? Our unique stroller system ensures that parents with multiple children can have a single solution that meets their needs given their current circumstances.


Ideal for families with one child already and another one on the horizon, the Maverick allows you to use a single stroller for both children – and with that in mind, that’s where durability comes into play.


A Durable & Versatile Child Stroller

We designed the Maverick with one thing in mind – durability. We understand just how demanding the life of a parent can be, especially when it comes to their stroller travel system. We knew that we had to design the Maverick with high quality materials to ensure it was up to the task.

Not only will the Maverick retain its quality throughout the years, but it’ll embrace a newfound longevity, unlike competitor brands on the market.


A High Quality Single To Double Stroller You Can Trust
It’s time to begin trusting parenting products again. With the Maverick Stroller by Venice Child, you can rest assured that you’ve got the right product at the price, loaded with all of the right features.
• Rain Shield
• High Quality Wheels
• Ergonomic & Lightweight Design
• Bottom Basket
• Comfort Grip Handle
• And More


Purchase The Maverick Today
If you’re ready to purchase the Maverick, all you have to is choose your quantity, confirm your order, and await for your new stroller to arrive right to your door.


Have A Question? Contact Us Today
Do you have a question about our new Maverick stroller? If so, reach out to us directly by filing out the provided form below. A member from our team would be more than happy to answer any questions that you may have related to this wonderful product.


We look forward to hearing from you soon.

Maverick Single to Double Stroller Package # 1

  • Telescoping handle:

    Max telescoping 110cm //43.30 inches

    Minimum telescoping 99cm//38.97 inches

    Wheel size:

    Back wheels size

    28cm // 11 inches

    Front wheels size

    19cm // 7.48 inches

    Seat height

    54cm // 21.26 inches

    Seat maximum head room under the canopy

    59cm // 23.23inches

    Seat depth

    22cm // 10 inches

    Bassinet interior dimensions

    L 71cm // 27.95 inches

    W 31cm// 12.2 inches

    Bassinet size

    Folding size with one seat

    99cm x 60cm x 52cm

    38.97 x 23.62 x 20.47 inches

    Stroller frame weight


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